Monday, May 9, 2011

A cinematic mystery is solved.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Repo Man: a mystery is solved.

Unfortunately it's too late to add to the Plastic Classic Movie: Repo Man story, but now that I have the DVD of the movie and am currently as I type this listening to the commentary track, I now know the earth-shaking truth of what was in the can of Generic Food. Apparently it was Ralphs' Supermarket Generic Corned Beef Hash. Yes, the stuff did indeed look like Alpo. It is an open question whether or not the stuff tasted like Alpo, because even if Ralphs' still had their generic line of products I am certain I would not do a taste test.

Many other mysteries are solved by listening to this commentary track. Universal Home Entertainment recently re-released the movie in their bargain line. Originally Anchor Bay had released it, and they were the ones responsible for the famous "License Plate Box" limited edition DVD set which now goes for hideously high prices on the collectible market. Only the limited edition Anchor Bay set had the commentary track, but the standard-issue version from Uni now has it. Note that I do not get a commission from this link. I should do something sleazy and money grubbing like that, perhaps I'd be less broke if I did that more. ;P

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